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Welcome to the Australian Website

Pacific Vision International provides a range of quality and innovative assistive technology for people with low vision and blindness. We are a leading provider of hardware and software for blind and sight impaired technology users.

All of our products are backed by extensive warranties, with our Freedom Scientific products designed and assembled in the USA, our HIMs range manufactured in South Korea and our Rehan Electronics range of products manufactured in the Republic of Ireland . We take pride in being able to provide you with quality products at competitive prices.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the field of low vision and blindness we are able to use our knowledge to ensure that we provide you with the best equipment solution for your leisure, education and working needs.

What we do

Pacific Vision International (PVI) will work with you to provide the best solution possible to ensure that your assistive technology requirements are met. We are one of the largest providers of assistive technology in the world. Our partnerships with companies around the world ensure that we provide you with a diverse and quality range of products. Whether you require assistive technology in your leisure, learning or working lives we will have a product to suit you.

Our range includes portable and desktop CCTVs, hand magnifiers, computer accessories including keyboards and software, media players and Daisy readers as well as a range of Braille equipment. Our mission is to supply products that meet the complete needs of people with vision impairment.

Our CEO travels the world to ensure that we are kept up to date on what is new in the industry and we take pride in being able to bring these to you as soon as they are released.

Our Australian Team

We are here to help you choose the right equipment to ensure that you continue to lead an active and independent lifestyle.

We can provide you with the latest in assistive technology, which is simple to use with functionality that will aid in your study, work or leisure activities. Talk to one of our experienced team about your requirements and desired outcomes so we can match you with the best piece of assistive technology to enable you to meet those requirements.

New South Wales/ACT/Queensland
Northern Territory
Mahesh Nath
Low Vision Equipment
ZoomText Certified
Tel: 0451 332 885
New South Wales/ACT
New South Wales/Queensland
Chris Howells
Low Vision Equipment
Tel: 0411 556 720
Trish Lear
Tel: 1800 756 849

Ishminder Singh
Low Vision Equipment
Tel: 0450 675 996
David McClintock
Low Vision Sales Consultant
Tel: 0447 441 782
Lorelei Skilton
ZoomText Certified

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