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15 Sep Upcoming Release: JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2024 and New Braille Display
Yvonna 0 92
Welcome to our latest newsletter. In this edition, we will be discussing an impending JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion 2024 software release that we believe will greatly enhance your user experience. Additionally, we will be introducing Activator -  a brand..
27 Jun Assistive Technology For Students with Low Vision or Blindness
Yvonna 0 700
This newsletter aims to explore the various devices available to assist students with low vision and blindness and highlights the positive impact they have on the educational experience                                                                 ..
31 Mar Ruby 4.3 On SALE & Special Features Of Envision Glasses
Yvonna 0 891
Learn more about the Ruby 4.3 Electronic Magnifier and our most recent special offer, as well as what makes the AI-powered Envision Glasses unique.                                                                                                       ..
15 Feb Meet the all-new Sense Player OCR
Yvonna 0 1223
Introducing the new SensePlayer OCR - an advanced, user-friendly multi-media player, high-quality field recorder, handheld tactile keyboard for your smartphone or tablet, and customised portable OCR device, all in a unit smaller and lighter than most..
05 Jul THE JOY OF COMMUNITY SPIRIT By Hailey Lindermann
Yvonna 0 2046
With permission from the Forward Steps Mobility - Blindness and Low Vision Services we are publishing this heartwarming story:  THE JOY OF COMMUNITY SPIRIT by Hailey Lindermann ..
05 Jul A comprehensive demonstration and review of the Envision Smart Glasses
Yvonna 0 535
Listen to Johnathon Mosen’s latest podcast:  ..
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