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Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: 90-days License of JAWS for Windows
JAWS is the world's most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content. JAWS reads aloud what's on the PC screen and gives the user a unique set of intelligent tools for navigating and accesses Web pages and all screen content. The 90-..
$460.00 AUD
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Brand: Help Tech Model: Actilino
Braille display and notetaker in one device Actilino is a super-compact portable notetaker for blind users. Whether travelling by train or bus, relaxing in the garden, or concentrating at work, the 16 piezo ceramic Braille cells and the silent Braille keyboard make the Actilino your reliable everyd..
$4,597.00 AUD
Brand: Help Tech Model: Activator
INTRODUCING the Activator, a Braille display that opens up a world of new possibilities...Discover the next generation of Braille experience.The Activator is a revolutionary new approach to Braille display technology developed and manufactured by Help Tech, a German company - a world leader in blind..
$10,349.57 AUD
Active Braille
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Brand: Help Tech Model: Active Braille
The ultimate 40-cell Braille display with notetaker function and multi-Bluetooth This new version of Active Braille builds on the success of the previous model by providing a 40-character braille cell. It is even more compact, ergonomically optimised with improved controls and more functionality. T..
$10,125.43 AUD
Brand: Hims Model: Braille eMotion
INTRODUCING the all-new Braille eMotion 40-cell Braille Display!Lightweight. Ergonomic. Powerful. The Braille eMotion offers the most versatile, flexible, and convenient features in a braille display. With 40 braille cells, built-in Wi-Fi, text-to-speech voices, and current computing hard..
$4,595.00 AUD
Brand: Hims Model: BrailleSense 6
INTRODUCING the all-new BrailleSense 6 NotetakerThe BrailleSense 6 is the most powerful notetaker in the world. Designed with the fastest hardware and powered by Android 10, it is the ultimate notetaker. BrailleSense 6 is an innovative collaboration of Braille and mainstream technology, offering the..
$7,583.00 AUD
Brand: Hims Model: BrailleSense 6 mini
The all-new BrailleSense 6 miniThe BrailleSense 6 mini is the lightweight champion notetaker. Designed to be highly portable and powerful, it is the ultimate notetaker when you're on the go.Small on Size, Big on Performance!Android 10 The latest operating system in a braille notetaker.6 GB of Memory..
$6,595.00 AUD
BrailleSense 6 Notetaker with a reconditioned Braille Display
Brand: Hims Model: BrailleSense 6
LIMITED TIME OFFER!Introducing the Braille Sense 6 Notetaker with a reconditioned braille display - get yours before they're gone! This offer is fantastic and won't last long due to limited stock.The BrailleSense 6 is the most powerful notetaker in the world. Designed with the fastest hardware and ..
$4,424.00 AUD
Brand: Envision Model: Envision Glasses Read Edition
Let your glasses speak to you!Envision Glasses use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to tell blind users what they're looking at.They use the power of speech to make everyday life more accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.Envision Glasses brings the award winning software to smart glasse..
$4,326.81 AUD
GoVision Pro OCR
Brand: Hims Model: GoVision Pro
Everything You Need in One Device: Free Speech and Free Rolling Case Included.Discover Unbeatable Value!Why spend around AU$6,500 when you can experience the same features and benefits as similar devices but at a much more attractive price.Save Big with Our Affordable Alternative!Get the Same Q..
$5,017.24 AUD
Brand: AbleNet Model: Keys-U-See Large Print Keyboard
The KEYS-U-SEE Large Print keyboards with white letters on black key and black letters on yellow keys.Though the print on the keys are large, the keys themselves are the same size as a regular keyboard. Simply plug the USB connector into the port on your computer and you are ready to go. Available -..
$74.48 AUD $185.00 AUD
Brand: AbleNet Model: Keys-U-See Wireless Large Print Keyboard with Mouse
Easy to see, easy to use! The Keys-U-See wireless large print computer keyboard and mouse combination is designed for those who have a hard time seeing the existing commands on the standard keyboard. The combo has been designed specifically for those with conditions that cause visual impairment or l..
$124.14 AUD
Brand: Rehan Electronics Model: Looky Book Pro
Foldable 12.5" video magnifier with touchscreen navigation, distance camera & OCRThe Looky Book Pro has a vibrant 12.5 inch full HD touch screen and multiple cameras to suit all situations. The main camera can be used as a standard desktop magnifier and the flip-up camera offers distance view an..
$4,836.00 AUD
Brand: Hims Model: QBraille
HYBRID BRAILLE Display: QWERTY+BRAILLE Together! QBraille XL introduces a new innovation to the Braille display market, offering blind users their natural method of Braille entry combined with intuitive command operation through standard QWERTY keys, while offering the connectivity of Smart Beetle, ..
$4,769.00 AUD
Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: Rolling Case
The rolling case for Onyx 24' OCR and Topaz UltraPortable carrier for the Onyx and Topaz UltraEasy to move.Has Wheels..
$787.07 AUD
Ruby 10" with Speech
Hot 60% OFF
Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: Ruby 10
A 10-inch touch screen video magnifier with text-to-speech capabilities and advanced viewing optionsA versatile low vision solution for everyday activities.Perfect for individuals who want a larger screen and desktop capabilities in a portable package.The RUBY 10 with Speech video magnifier has a 10..
$1,235.20 AUD $3,100.24 AUD
Ruby 10" without Speech
60% OFF
Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: Ruby 10
RUBY 10": a 10-inch touchscreen video magnifierA versatile low vision solution for everyday activities. Perfect for individuals who want a larger screen and desktop capabilities in a portable package.The RUBY 10 video magnifier has a 10-inch touchscreen and three dedicated cameras.With an Anti-..
$1,117.20 AUD $2,798.59 AUD
Ruby 4.3 HD
Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: 230431
MAGNIFICATION MADE EASY For the many people who need help reading text and seeing details traditional magnifying glasses work only up to a point. The RUBY video magnifier takes handheld magnification to the next level and beyond. Its 4.3 inch full colour, high brightness widescreen makes it outstand..
$817.32 AUD $897.00 AUD
Taptilo 2.0+ - Smart Braille Learning Device
Brand: Hims Model: Taptilo
Learning braille has never been easier.......or more fun! Taptilo is a smart braille education device that can transform the way braille is taught in schools and at home. Taptilo includes a hardware device with the latest braille cell technology and an innovative application that can be used seamles..
$2,750.00 AUD $2,835.00 AUD
Brand: ViewPlus Model: Tiger Box
Embossing made easySupports direct and networked WiFiPrint to any ViewPlus embosserPrint from your Android, iOS, or Windows PCBuilt in translationNew "EmbossMe" featureEnables users to upload and print files from the USB flash drive file repository.Below are compatible file types that can be embosse..
$530.00 AUD
Topaz 24-Inch OCR 
Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: TOPAZ 24" OCR
Fantastic Offer on the Topaz 24" OCR Desktop Magnifier!Don't miss out on the best price on the market while stocks last.Enjoy faster reading and better comprehension with less fatigueDesktop Video Magnifier with OCR and Speech The TOPAZ OCR combines video magnification and text-to-speech features in..
$7,967.00 AUD
Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: 210121
Portable video magnifier designed for your lifestyleDesigned for everyday reading and writing, this intuitive and fully-featured video magnifier provides superb image quality in a compact and portable design.The lightweight TOPAZ PHD offers the comfort and productivity features of a desktop video ma..
$3,500.00 AUD
Brand: Freedom Scientific Model: TOPAZ® Ultra
Full-featured video magnifier in a compact, portable designIntroducing a new Freedom Scientific portable video magnifier, the TOPAZ Ultra, featuring a unique folding design, making it extremely easy to take with you wherever you go.The TOPAZ Ultra is a portable magnifier with a unique folding desig..
$5,424.83 AUD
Brand: Hims Model: BrailleSense 6
$3,597.00 AUD
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