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Envision Glasses

Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses
Envision Glasses

Let your glasses speak to you!

Envision Glasses use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to tell blind users what they're looking at.

They use the power of speech to make everyday life more accessible for any visual impairment.

Envision Glasses brings the award winning software to smart glasses, enabling an unprecedented experience of hands-free and unobtrusive experience of accessing the visual world.

The device is state-of-the-art technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help people with a visual impairment live more independently

With features ranging from real-time text recognition to video calling, Envision Glasses opens the door for the future of wearable assistive technology.

Envision Glasses is a wearable device that significantly improves the daily life of blind and visually impaired people. It provides the most intuitive and easiest way to access all kinds of visual information around them. It's trained to recognise and speak out text, objects, people, colours, products and so much more. 

Built like a platform, the Envision Glasses are also constantly updated with new features and functionalities.

The Envision Glasses are designed to be worn all day with its comfortable, lightweight profile.

Envision Glasses first impressions:

Turn Text into Speech

Envision Glasses enable you to read all kinds of text from any surface in over 60 languages. The SmartGlasses have the fastest and the most accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR), enabling you to read street signs, handwritten cards and even your favourite book. 

Conquer any situation with video calling - Call an Ally

If you ever feel you need a bit of extra help, you can always call upon your favourite human. Envision Glasses have a dedicated feature for video calling friends and family. You can also choose to share contextual information, such as your location on a map, so they can help you in difficult situations. With the Envision Glasses you will always know your way around.

How does Envision Ally really work? When you call an Ally from the EnvisionGlasses, the built-in camera streams what is in front of you to your Ally's mobile device through.

You can then get hands-free assistance from trusted contacts.

Know what's around you

Envision Glasses can describe scenes, detect colours and scan barcodes. Giving you information about what is in front of you, helping you choose the right dress and assisting you in picking the right products while shopping.


Envision Glasses have ability to read in over 60 languages.
Click on the list of the languages Envision AI can read and recognise: Languages Envision AI Can Read


Listen to a Vision Extra podcast hosted by Peter Greco.

Peter talks to our colleague Sam Taylor, the Pacific Vision blindness products specialist about the new Envision talking glasses:

Click the play button to listen online (required speakers)


Listen to Johnathon Mosen’s latest podcast:

A comprehensive demonstration and review of the Envision Smart Glasses:

Click to listen


Smith Optics Frame is the designer spectacle frame with zero-power lenses you can replace with custom prescription lenses


The latest Envision Glasses Software Update (1.8.0)

AIRA on Envision Glasses

Envision has partnered with visual interpreters Aira to strengthen its Ally video call feature in its Envision glasses. Envision aimed to facilitate greater independence for users through Aira's live, professional services.

Aira enabled hands-free video calls, and provided access to 24/7, human-to-human, professional visual interpreting for daily tasks.

Here's a quick video of how you can make calls to Aira from Envision Glasses:

New feature: "ASK ENVISION" - A Gamechanger for the Blind and Low Vision Community

The Envision Glasses incorporate an innovative "Ask Envision" feature built on the latest cutting-edge OpenAI GPT technology.

You can scan any document and then simply ask questions to the AI. You can ask it to summarize a document, look for a phone number, tell you the total amount on a bill, or even translate a document.

As a result, people using Envision glasses will be able to read and interact with documents and information better than ever before.

Click on the following link for the most recent information on the 'Ask Envision' feature: ASK ENVISION - A Gamechanger for the Blind and Low Vision Community


  • An 8-MP camera with a wide field-of-view that captures every detail.

Wifi and Bluetooth

  • Keeps you connected at all times.


  • 5-6 hours with regular usage. USB-C supported fast charging.


  • Directional Mono Speaker, USB audio and Bluetooth audio.

Robust and Light

  • Water and Dust resistant. Weighs less than 50 grams.

NEW SOFTWARE UPDATE (version 1.7.0) available on Envision Glasses.

The new version introduces one of the most requested additions to Envision Glasses – Voice Commands! 

You can now press and hold the Hinge Button on the Envision Glasses and simply speak which function you would like it open, and voila, it just opens. Sounds too good to be true? Try it for yourself! Currently, Envision Glasses will be able to recognise the following commands (only English for now):

  • Instant Text
  • Scan Text
  • Batch Scan
  • Call an Ally
  • Describe Scene
  • Detect Light
  • Recognise Cash
  • Detect Colours
  • Find Object
  • Find People
  • Explore
  • Change Volume


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